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Memon Securities (Pvt.) Ltd. is in the business of stock brokerage for the since 1987, being one of the oldest brokerage house at PSX..The house was incorporated in August 2000, earlier operating in an individual capacity under the name of our founder Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Memon. We are located on the 3rd floor of Pakistan Stock Exchange Building.
We have a track record of more than 3 decades of providing investor with high standards of integrity and transparency. With the passage of time , have embraced superior information technology , internet based trading and mobile App. Being a conservative brokerage house , alhamdoallah company maintains a very high bench mark of net worth , net capital , and liquid capital. This financial soundness coupled with 3 decades of investor confidence is a great comfort level for investors.  In a market with abundance of high fi gimmick sellers but rarity of integrity.